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This listing is for one home portrait painting (unframed) in watercolor/gouache.


TIMELINE: Most home portrait paintings, once started, only take about 2-3 days to finish. However, there may be a waitlist before the painting can get started, and we can let you know the rough estimate of when we can get started on your painting. If you have a specific “need by date” please reach out to us, and we can let you know how many paintings are ahead of yours and if we can meet your deadline. Not always, but in certain cases, rush charges may apply. 


WATERCOLOR/GOUACHE: These mediums create a softer, more “airy” looking painting.  Gouache is basically a thicker, less transparent form of watercolor, and I often use this in my watercolor paintings, as well.  These types of paintings can usually be done the quickest. These are done on a high quality  watercolor paper or an artist panel (a flat board made specifically for art). These can be framed in standard frames. 

Home Portraits (Commissions)

  • Home portrait paintings are made to order just for you.

    After you place your order, we will reach out to you to get photo(s) and let you know an estimated start/completion date. If you need it by a certain date, please let us know. Your response time to these emails could effect when we are able to complete the painting(s). We will let you know if we can accomadate rush orders. Once the painting has been started, it is fully non-refundable. If a home portrait has not been started, then it is 100% refundable. Please reach out as soon as possible if you decide to cancel to ensure the painting does not start.

    A payment helps secure your spot on the wait list for a commission. If a wait list is longer than 6 months, then commissions will be closed until the wait list can be cleared up. 

    If you have any questions, please contact

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