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Amy DeNeal is an Indiana-based artist who lives with her husband, 3 kids, and mini bernedoodle, Dolly Jolene.


Amy DeNeal Art offers contemporary wall art, prints, and captivating murals that breathe life into any setting. Whether for your home or business, Amy collaborates with you or your designer to craft custom paintings, including portraits of loved ones and pets, vibrant depictions of homes and businesses, and stunning murals. From consultation to installation, she guarantees a delightful experience for every art lover. Let Amy DeNeal Art ignite creativity in your space today.


Her dynamic paintings explore the constant transformation of identity, femininity, nature and light.  She explores bold use of color and brushstrokes to convey a feeling of movement and stir the viewer. 

If you have any questions, please complete the form below or contact Amy by email at To see what she is currently working on, follow her on Instagram: AmyDenealArt or Facebook: Amy DeNeal Art, where she often posts progress of projects. 

black and white photo of artist Amy DeNeal sitting in front of several paintings
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